Dr. Dr. Hannes Rusch

Independent Max Planck Research Group Leader, MPI-CSL, Freiburg im Breisgau
& Associate Professor of Economics, MPE Department, Maastricht University

How come that we as humans are those social animals that became uniquely cooperative, cultural, and civilized? How come that, at the exact same time, we are our own worst enemy, dehumanizing, subjugating, exploiting, and aggressing each other? And, most importantly: How can we prevent the conflicting interests permeating all human societies from escalating into segregation, suppression, violence, and war?

These are the fundamental issues bothering me as a person and motivating me as a researcher. I am convinced that no single academic discipline alone can answer them to full satisfaction. Therefore, in my work on selected aspects of these overarching questions, I draw on the results and use the empirical methods and formal frameworks of several behavioral sciences, foremost: behavioral and applied microeconomics, experimental psychology, and behavioral ecology. Correspondingly, my career path has crossed disciplinary boundaries multiple times.

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Philomat / Apparat für weltanschauliche DiagnostikStuttgart: Hirzel (ISBN: 978-3777616339)



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